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It’s called a miracle pill, having nutritionists and doctors around the world (including TV) proclaim its benefits. Being hailed as the only natural product proven effective for weight loss may have some people wondering how legitimate it is! Well, I’m here to tell you it is not a marketing scam, no gimmicks here. It is not a trick or magic show, duping consumers into buying a faux item. No, the product all the marketing companies and vitamin manufacturers are jumping on is the Pure Green Coffee Bean, Because it is the real deal and it works !

Yes, there have been plenty of weight loss pills, diets, exercises, you name it. All of them try to do the same thing, get you the consumer to buy their product in hopes of losing your stubborn fat. And who’s to blame you, as obesity rates in America and the rest of the world rise to dangerous levels. In America alone, the amount is staggering; 25% to 35% of adults are obese! Overweight adults included, some estimates up the rate to almost 70%. The trend is high for most other industrialized countries as well. And the fact is that, yes there are a lot of mistakes that people make in eating, and yes, most people don’t lead an active lifestyle, but can you really blame them? With a job (or two), kids, and 2 hours spent in traffic, it is really hard to maximize your time to fit around the demands of a healthy lifestyle. It’s also really easy to grab a 2 minute made burger and fries for you and your whole family as opposed to spending an hour cooking. But why is it so hard to lose weight? It feels like your whole body is against you, storing every bit of fat it can, clinging on to every calorie. And to work it off, you need to spend hours at the gym seemingly, running, lifting, pushing and pressing, only to see minimal results. Now don’t misunderstand; a good diet and an active lifestyle will lead to weight loss. It’s mathematically impossible to gain weight by eating less calories than you burn. But sometimes you need your body to lend you a hand!

Now let’s talk about the Green Coffee Bean and its spectacular main ingredient, chlorogenic acid. The green coffee bean is nothing more than an unroasted, natural coffee bean. In this form, it contains high amounts of chlorogenic acid, the active ingredient that is responsible for the beans weight loss properties. Chlorogenic acid has two functions that really help in metabolizing fat. One is that it limits the amount of glucose being stored as fat. The other is that it helps the liver metabolize fat faster. These benefits have PROVEN to aid in faster and more consistent weight loss. You may ask yourself if regular coffee and its caffeine content also have weight-loss properties. The fact is that when regular coffee is roasted and grounded for consumption, the layer of the bean that contains the acid is burnt off. The only way to receive chrologenic acid is by eating the green coffee been in its pure form.  

The famous study that led to the explosion of the pure coffee bean on the market was published in 2012 by the University of Scranton. The study tested 16 patients using a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled procedure. The group who received the coffee bean lost an average of 18 lbs. which was 10% of their body weight, and 4.4% of their body fat. The group made no significant changes to their diet or exercise. What further led to the popularity of this product was its praise on the Dr. Oz show. Dr. Oz not only recommended the product, but tested it with his audience. In that short two week window, the women who took the product lost 2 pounds, more than the women given placebos.

More research and studies are being carried out by vitamin manufacturers, but multiple tests are backing up the fact that grounded green coffee beans lead to better results when it comes to weight loss. It helps your body do what it was designed to do, burn fat storage and metabolize fat faster. It’s also all natural and doesn’t contain any side effects! At Earths Creation USA, we make a quality 100% Natural Green Coffee Bean product containing 50% chlorogenic acid. If you find yourself too busy or tired of other alternatives, we suggest you try out our product that has proven results. Try out practically the only natural weight loss pill backed by scientific studies and research, and learn first-hand why everybody is talking about the Green Coffee Bean.

-Chris G.

Results May Vary From Person to Person*

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