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Supports Urinary and Immune System Health** Cranberries contain the nutritional benefits of proanthocyanidins. Cranberries are known for their ability to …

Linaza Flaxseed

Rich in vitamins and nutrients, Linaza diet contains Nopal, Apple Fiber, Grapefruit Fiber, and Psyllium Husk. Our Linaza diet system is taken to help regulate fiber levels, reduce cholesterol levels as well as help blood sugar levels.*

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera naturally contains amino acids, polysaccharides and phenolic compounds, which contribute to the well-being of the body. Aloe Vera has been traditionally used to support the digestive system.*

Aloe Ferox

Aloe Ferox is a plant indigenous to one province in South Africa, and nowhere else on earth! It’s been used for its cleansing properties by the indigenous people long before the arrival of Europeans to what is now the Cape Province.*

Colon Detox 14X

An intestinal purifier, this natural colon cleanser helps soften hard built up fecal matter for easy removal. It relieves straining, promotes regularity, and stimulates your body’s natural healing processes.*

Cascara Sagrada

Used by Native Americans for centuries, this natural colon cleanser will help the body rid itself of excess waste. Also known as the California Buckthorn or Sacred Bark.*


Digetox promotes the balance of bile flow with the Pancreas for proper digestion of fats, carbs, and proteins. It also promotes the pH balance in the intestinal track and improves the enzymes and elimination of waste in the colon.*

Acidophilius Probiotic

Acidophilus helps with the absorption of nutrients, encourages intestinal microflora balance, and promotes the healthy functioning of the intestinal system.*

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