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Easily absorbable liquid Moringa Oleifera! This product brings you all the nutrition and vitamins that come from the Moringa plant and puts it into a ready to drink liquid form. Most vitamin manufacturers are not prepared to handle liquid formulations such as this. However once again Earth’s Creation USA is at the top of their game with this custom formulation. Remember, Moringa Oleifera is often called a miracle plant, boasting outrageous but scientifically proven claims about it”s mineral and nutrient content:

  • 9 times the Iron in Spinach*

  • 4 times the Calcium in Milk*

  • 2 times the Vitamin A in Carrots*

  • 4 times the Potassium in Bananas*

  • 4 times the Fiber in Oats*

  • All of these nutrients are just one side of the story, as there are current studies going on now that indicate that this plant can do much more. Some clinical trials indicate that Moringa promotes healthy digestion, regulates blood glucose levels, and helps control appetite. It’s high Iron levels help boost energy as well, having four times as much Iron than spinach. Plus it contains all 8 Amino Acids, plus another 10 including Arginine and Glutamine. You can read more about this spectacular product here.

    Now all of these benefits are available in a juice form with Liquid Moringa 2000! Liquid Vitamins have a few advantages over a standard pill or tablet. For one, it”s easy to drink as opposed to swallowing. Many senior citizens who need vitamin supplementation find it hard to swallow large pills. Young children have a hard time ingesting pills as well, or become scared or picky to do so. As a result, we developed a liquid formula that surpasses all vitamin manufacturers in the industry. With a great pineapple and orange taste, easily drinkable for people of all ages but especially those mentioned above. The other advantage liquid
    supplementation has is that the body absorbs the formulation much faster. As a pill needs time to be broken down, the liquid carries all of the vitamins and minerals which are readily available. *

    Liquid Moringa 2000 is just another step in Earth”s Creation”s ever increasing line of products, giving customers and distributors a wide range of product selection. Great tasting liquid vitamin supplements are preferred by many people, especially a product that has so much nutritional value to it.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Results May Vary From Person to Person*

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