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Why Are Liquid Supplements Better?

Posted on by Andi

Growing up, one of my least favorite things to do was to drink vitamins. Some of them were yummy, but some taste really awful. Eventually, I graduated to tablet vitamins. Chewable tablets, gummy vitamins, you name it I have tried it.

I understand that liquid vitamins are safer for children; it is easier to swallow. Capsules and tablets may still be a pill (No pun intended) to swallow for kids. But, as I was doing my weekly trip to the drug store, I noticed how adults have a wide range of choices when it comes to liquid supplements.

Many people are choosing to revert to the old-school ways of taking their vitamins. Personally, I do not have a preference. My only preference is if something works for me. If the supplement does me good and I notice better changes in my body, then I would definitely keep purchasing it. But today, I want to direct your attention to liquid supplements. Why it’s becoming popular among adults and why it might be better than tablet or capsule vitamins,

Liquid supplements are not that different from tablet and capsule supplements. They aid in making sure that our bodies get the optimum amount of nutrients that we need in order to function well and shun unwanted diseases.

Liquid supplements also come in the form of tablet and capsule vitamins. You have your single and multivitamins in liquid form. As we go through with this topic, I would like to share why liquid supplements are better than tablet and capsule vitamins.

  • Liquid Supplements Have Higher Concentration

Did you know that liquid supplements can have approximately 30,000 mg of nutrients? Compare this to a tablet or capsule vitamin which can only have 500 mg to 1,000 mg. So, if you do the math, a person would have to take 60 tablets or capsules to get the same amount liquid supplements can offer. Therefore, when you take liquid supplements there is a higher amount of active constituents.

  • Liquid Vitamins Possess More Synergetic Chemical Formulas

Sounds fancy, right? But this only means that liquid supplements pack a powerful punch of potent and powerful nutrients which work hand in hand resulting in combined healthy benefits. These chemical combinations can be challenging to synthesize when they are manufactured as chewable tablets, capsules, gel capsules, or tablets.

  • Liquid Supplements Are Absorbed Faster and More Efficiently

When you take a vitamin or multivitamins, the first goal is for it t be broken down and used. Gel capsules and tablets have to be swallowed, digested and absorbed to be used by the body. That is why taking liquid supplements are much easier to process in the body rather than having to take different tablets or capsules. Liquid supplements are much more absorbable because it is already broken down.

  • Liquid Supplements Are Easier to Take

Raise your hand if you like chewy or gummy vitamins! I do! Chewable vitamins are so much fun to take because they come in different flavors. The thing about chewable vitamins, though, is that it is not as good as liquid supplements when it comes to nutrition. Chewable or vitamin gummies can contain sugar, flavor enhancers, and artificial flavoring.

I can say the same for liquid supplements, but you can swallow it right away. Liquid supplements are best for children and adults alike. You can just take a few tablespoons of liquid supplements or mix it in your drink and you are good; unlike having to take tablets or capsules that can get stuck in your throat. You can choose to do this instead of swallowing multiple tablets or softgels.

  • Liquid Supplements Are Easier to Digest and Immediately Used by the Body

When you take liquid supplements, its absorption rate is approximately 98%. Other vitamins need to be digested first before the nutrients are made available to be used. But even then, only a smaller percentage is absorbed when a person takes a tablet or capsule.

Liquid supplements have no casings or fillers, unlike tablets or capsules. They only have pure nutrients that are available to be used by the body right away when it enters the body. Ultimately, liquid supplements are utilized with perfectly blended and fresh, usable nutrients.

Liquid supplements exist for a reason. It is safer for kids or people of advanced age who can no longer swallow tablets and capsules. You automatically eliminate having to crush or divide the tablet for it to be easier to swallow. The dose is easier to control as well.

Something that people might immediately notice is the price of liquid supplements as they can be more expensive that tablet or capsule vitamins. However, I would like to point out that if you take tablets or capsules, you only get 10% to 20% of the nutrients you get from liquid supplements. So, people who use it certainly get their money’s worth. Not to mention that liquid supplements’ absorption rate and the speed of putting its nutrients at work is way faster and more efficient than that of vitamins in tablet r capsule form.

If you are looking to begin your own line of liquid supplement, then these are definitely some points you need to remember. Liquid supplements have many benefits and advantages if we compare them to the traditional vitamins.

If you want to know more about how to start your own line of liquid supplements, Earth’s Creation USA is more than ready to answer any question you might have in mind. We have a competent team of experts that will help you formulate and bring your ideas to life. We are here and more than ready to help you and your business take off and reach higher heights!

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What Are Green Supplements?

Posted on by Andi

I am definitely not the only one my mother forced to eat vegetables back when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure you guys were also slightly berated on the dining table. That is not without good reason. Vegetables and fruits do our bodies wonders!

Vegetables and fruits contain micronutrients our bodies need to keep the blood running through our veins and be healthy. They also have natural chemicals called phytonutrients that are not essential to living, but they help your body perform better and keep the unwanted diseases away. Two examples of phytonutrients are sulforaphane and anthocyanins. These two can be deemed as unsung heroes because they do us a lot of good but are not recognized and found on food labels. These “nonvital” nutrients are the reasons a well-formulated multivitamin will never replace a vegetable-rich diet.

Eating vegetables is always easier said than done. I personally know people who do not eat vegetables. That is why green supplements have taken up shelf space at your favorite supplements shop.

Green supplements’ increasing popularity is mainly because of its convenience. Many people are choosing to scoop their way to their five-a-day.

So, what are green supplements?

Basically, green supplements are vegetables that have been dried and blended into a powder that you can mix in your drink to obtain the nutrients you do not know you need. The vegetables and fruits used in green powders vary from brand to brand. The most common ingredients, though, are barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, kale, kelp, beets, pineapple, green tea extract, and ginseng. Some green supplements even have pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes.

As convenient and beneficial as green supplements are, I have to warn you that it cannot be your main source of vegetable micronutrients. It is not formulated to meet our essential vitamin and mineral requirements. If you are a hard-training lifter or an athlete, you require an increased intake of zinc and magnesium. Green supplements may not be able to provide this. I strongly advise that you do not switch your multivitamins in exchange for green supplements.

Before you go on asking, “So, if I cannot rely on green supplements for multivitamins, why should I buy it?” I want you to know that green supplements and multivitamins are two very different things. Green supplements simply augment a diet that lacks fruits and vegetables. Consuming vegetables and fruits are known to reduce stroke, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high levels of blood cholesterol, cancers, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Nowadays, people find it easier to eat proteins than vegetables and fruits; not to mention, protein is also more palatable. This can result in low-grade acidosis. What is low-grade acidosis? This means that our body contains too much acid and our kidneys and lungs cannot keep our body’s pH balanced.

Green supplementation benefits our energy, recovery, antioxidant levels, and bone health. Greens are known to be alkaline thus helping in balancing dietary acids. When a person exercises regularly, it increases acid production in their body due to repeated muscle contractions. A person can speed up the recovery process by eating foods rich in alkaline; adding a little bit of protein won’t hurt too.

I’m sure you guys only want to put out the best kind of green supplements on the market, so I would like to share the best components that you would want in your product.

  • The Greens Blend – This blend consist of four plants: broccoli, spinach, dandelion leaf, and kale. Broccoli is an excellent source of Vitamins C and K, folic acid, potassium, and fiber. It also has Vitamin C known as a powerful antioxidant and helps produce collagen. Spinach is also a fantastic cradle of Vitamins C and K and folic acid, but it is also a seedbed of manganese, magnesium, iron, and Vitamin B2. Dandelion leaves are a good source of calcium and Vitamin K. Lastly, kale has alpha-linolenic acid which is a kind of an omega-3 fatty acid. These plants are all considered leafy green vegetables because they are high in nitrate. Nitrates are known to be good for long-term circulatory and heart health.
  • Spirulina – Spirulina is a blue-green algae. It is known to be one of nature’s richest and most complete source of vital nutrients. It is rich in B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals. Its phycocyanobilin content cannot be disregarded as it provides potent anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects. Several studies have shown that spirulina can improve insulin sensitivity and cholesterol profile, reduce systemic inflammation and muscle damage caused by exercise, help control allergies, help the body get rid of heavy metals, help protect liver health, and increase muscle endurance.
  • Moringa Oleifera – The Moringa tree has been a part of India’s medicinal traditions for so long. Plenty of researches have already revealed how beneficial the Moringa leaves are. Each gram of Moringa leaves contains four times the calcium and two times the protein of milk, three times the potassium found in bananas, four times the vitamin A in carrots, and seven times the vitamin C in oranges. Because of these content levels, studies have confirmed that Moringa leaves mitigate DNA damage, may have anticancer benefits, protect heart health, and reduce blood pressure.
  • Reishi Mushroom – This plant has been used for medicinal purposes for at least 2,000 years. It has a high amount of bioactive molecules. In fact, ancestors have referred to it as “the mushroom of immortality.” Studies have confirmed the benefits of the reishi mushroom. It has been revealed that it boosts and balances the immune system, improves a subjective sense of well-being, reduces the feeling of anxiety and fatigue, inhibits the creation of new fat cells, helps protect brain health, raises good cholesterol levels, improves sleep health and blood glucose control, and exerts anticancer effects. Reishi mushroom may not be promising as a first line treatment for diseases, but these benefits are undeniable.

Green supplements are a great addition to our diet – but that is all they should be, an addition. Do not use green supplements as your main source of micronutrients found in vegetables and fruits. The real thing is still the best thing.

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Best Vitamins to Boost the Immune System

Posted on by Andi

Another aspect of our health we place premium on is our immune system. The immune system is our body’s defense to combat infectious and foreign organisms in our body. The immune system executes immune response to fight these organisms that cause us to get sick. The immune system consists of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work in unity to shield the body from a wide array of diseases.

A key cell that involves in doing this is white blood cells, which are also known as leukocytes. White blood cells basically do two things to search for organisms that cause disease and to destroy them. Leukocytes or white blood cells can be synthesized and kept in many locations in our the body like the bone marrow, thymus, and spleen. Because leukocytes are found in these organs, they are called lymphoid organs. Lymphoid tissues, like lymph nodes, also house leukocytes. Leukocytes are ferried through the body through lymphatic vessels and blood vessels.

Leukocytes have two types: phagocytes and lymphocytes. Phagocytes fight the foreign organisms, while lymphocytes enable the body to remember and recognize past invaders and also aid in “crushing” them.

So, how does the immune system work? When foreign organisms, called antigens, enter the body are detected, different types of cells work in unison to recognize them and respond accordingly. Once this happens, B lymphocytes are triggered to produce antibodies. Once these antibodies are synthesized they stay in our body so in case we encounter the same antigen again, the antibodies are all ready to do their life’s work. While these antibodies are in existence, they cannot do the job on their own, so T cells come in to help them. Did you know that T cells are called “killer cells”? Don’t you just appreciate your body all the more?

Wait ‘till you hear more. Us humans have three kinds of immunity.

  • Innate – This type of immunity is the general kind of protection we all possess. Many of the germs that affect other species don’t harm us. This kind of immunity involves the skin and mucous membranes, which are our first line of defense.
  • Adaptive – This is also known as active immunity which develops throughout our lifetime. This happens when lymphocytes develop as we are exposed to different diseases or vaccinated.
  • Passive – This kind of immunity is “borrowed” from another source and will only last for a short while.

People have varying immune systems. As we get older, we build our immune system, but you notice how some people seem to get sick more frequently than the others? That’s because we all have different immune systems. Some people have weaker immune systems and because of that, some people need more help to strengthen their immune system. Here are the best vitamins to boost the immune system.

  1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A or retinolic acid because it nourishes the gut mucosal immune system. This is a big deal because 70% to 80% of the human body’s immune tissue is found in the digestive tract. As you know, this is exposed to food, different microbes, and toxins which can trigger an immune response. Vitamin A maintains mucosal tolerance that will help the gut determine which organism is harmful and which is not.

  1. Zinc

Our body needs zinc to develop and activate T cells. As mentioned before, T cells are the “killer cells”. Several studies have actually revealed that mild zinc deficiencies can inhibit “natural killer” cell activity and other aspects in the immune system. That is the reason zinc has become a very popular choice when it comes to vitamins that boost the immune system.

  1. Probiotics

As I’ve mentioned before, 70% to 80% of the human body’s immune tissue is found in the digestive tract. Probiotics are best known to prevent and treat infectious diarrhea, and even diarrhea induced by antibiotic use because probiotics also possess potent anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is probably one of the best, if not the best to boost the immune system. It is also the most popular vitamin in the market today. Why? Because our bodies cannot synthesize this nutrient naturally. Vitamin C facilitates cellular functions of the innate and adaptive immune systems. Taking Vitamin C also prevents and treats respiratory and systemic infections.

  1. Vitamin D

Another immunity booster on the list is Vitamin D. vitamin D helps our bodies fashion antimicrobial weapons which aim for bacteria and viruses. Not only does Vitamin D synthesize antimicrobial weapons, it also strengthens our bones.

Boosting our immune system is very important for very obvious reasons. So, it is important to know that there are different factors that affect it. From birth, babies who are born naturally and are breastfed have higher levels of immunity. In adults, our immunity can be affected by our diet, exercise, sleep, sugar and alcohol intake, whether you smoke or not, and exposure to chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, and stress.

That is why in conjunction with eating healthy and exercising regularly, it is important that we take these supplements to make sure that we stay protected and healthy.

If you wish to build your own immune system boosters, feel free to contact Earth’s Creation USA and we would be more than happy to educate and assist you to start your new venture. The beauty of this prospect is that you do not just earn, but also help people improve their health. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s stop and fight sickness together.

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Best Vitamins and Supplements to Gain Muscles

Posted on by Andi

Now that more and more people are finally opening their eyes and seeing how important it is to take of their health, many people are encouraged to invest time, effort, and money to improve the quality of their lives.

People sign up for gym memberships and even go as far hiring a personal trainer to track come up with a program that guarantees progress and results, they exert effort to prepare their own food and go to the extent of spending extra money on supplements that will help them achieve their goal.

It is no wonder why the muscle supplement industry is booming right now. If you are planning to build a business around the idea of helping people achieve their body goals, then I want to share with you the best vitamins to gain muscle.

  • BCAAs or Branched-Chain Amino Acids

BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids are made up of three individual amino acids namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids are critical to muscle growth because they make up 14% of the amino acids found in our muscles. BCAAs also stimulate protein synthesis. Why is protein synthesis important to building muscles? Because protein is the building block of muscles. Another good thing about BCAAs is that it prevents muscle loss as well. When we try to burn fat by exercising, we run the risk of taking the energy from our muscles. BCAAs prevent that from happening.

People consume BCAAs from foods like eggs, dairy, fish, poultry, and meat on a daily basis. But, BCAAs have already made their mark when it comes to taking is as a supplement.

  • Calcium

Yes, calcium is not just for strong bones and teeth. This mineral is also responsible for triggering muscle contraction. What is muscle contraction? Muscle contraction is the generation of tension in the muscle tissue which results in the lengthening or shortening of the muscle. When this happens, the two filaments of our muscles, myosin, and actin,  slide over each other to convert body fat into energy. The more you work out, the more energy you need. In order to keep your body from losing muscles, you need to increase your calcium intake as well.

  • Beta-Alanine

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino (Non-essential amino acids are acids our bodies can produce) acid. Have you ever had to stop your workout abruptly because of cramping? This is especially worse when you are swimming or running. If you take beta-alanine, this should not be a worry for you. Beta-alanine triggers the production of carnosine. Carnosine balances the pH levels in our muscles and counteracts the lactic acid build up that causes fatigue and cramping. Beta-alanine is best found in animal protein and plant-based foods such as edamame, seaweed, asparagus, and turnip greens. However, I have noticed that it has been making appearances in many supplements nowadays.

  • Potassium

Did you know that people who do not get enough potassium run a higher risk for heart disease and hypertension? You heard that right. That’s because potassium is a significant electrolyte in muscle contraction. It is also essential for ferrying other nutrients to our muscles. Potassium, together with water and other nutrients work against sodium. This means that potassium also helps our kidneys get rid of the excess sodium in our body. Banana is an excellent source of potassium, but it can also be found in vitamins and supplements nowadays.

  • Iron

Ever wondered what Popeye’s secret is to those “loaded guns”? That would be the spinach. Spinach is rich in iron! Iron transports oxygen to muscle tissue that encourages growth and gain. Iron also aids in regulating metabolism, promoting a healthy immune system. If our bodies lack iron, then the red blood cells cannot do their job and carry oxygen to the muscles and tissues that need it. That is why iron has been a very and still a popular vitamin among many.

  • Glutamine

Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid. Okay, so I feel like I need to explain a few things here. Essential acids are acids that our bodies cannot produce. Non-essential acids are the ones that our body can produce. Conditionally essential amino acids are usually not essential, meaning our bodies usually produce it. Glutamine is needed during intense workouts because it helps repair muscle tissue. On top of that, it also aids in repairing the lining of the digestive tract.

  • Protein

I mean, need I say more? Protein is the building block of muscles. It triggers growth and repair, both of which are very important when you are trying to obtain those washboard abs. Do not wonder why those protein powders sell like pancakes because they work. Protein is probably the most favorite supplement or post-workout meal among bodybuilders.


If you are considering building a business which aims to help people achieve their body goals, I hope this list of vitamins that will surely help them do so helps you. We, at Earth’s Creation USA, will help you make your ideas materialize and help people change their lives. We want to help you build that dream company of yours through the products with world-class quality.

If you wish to work with us by coming up with your very own line of the best vitamins to gain muscle, feel free to reach us here.

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Best Vitamins and Supplements for Weight Loss

Posted on by Andi

There is no denying that there is a highly-profitable market in the weight loss industry. It will be no surprise if you want to throw your hat in the ring and see how you fare in the weight loss business. To give you an idea of what the best vitamins are for weight loss, we did a little research to guide you in the right direction. Today, I would like to share with you our list of the best vitamins for weight loss.

  • Carnitine

This is probably one of the most popular, if not the most popular supplement for weight loss. Carnitine is an amino acid that ferries long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria, also known as the metabolic furnace, to be converted into energy. Actually, carnitine is naturally found in our bodies, but some studies have shown that obese individuals have a carnitine deficiency. A clinical study conducted in 2013 revealed that taking 500-mg L-Carnitine per day in conjunction with regular exercise can increase weight loss in overweight people. It is recommended to take 500 to 1000 mg of L-Carnitine per day to see noticeable effects.

  • Iron

Iron plays a significant role to help your body create energy drawn from nutrients. Iron helps carry oxygen to all of the cells found in your body, plus your muscles. As a result, it helps the body burn fat. Did you know that iron deficiency anemia is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in the United States? The most common symptoms of this are fatigue, low energy levels, and weakness. This can definitely affect your physical endurance and athletic performance.

It is important to know that our bodies absorb the kind of iron found in meat better than the iron that comes from the plants. Iron is found in lean meats, shellfish, beans, and spinach. When you eat iron-rich foods with foods that have vitamin C, iron absorption is improved tremendously.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is another essential mineral. It relaxes your muscles, calms you down, and improves sleep. We all know that when a person lacks sleep, he is more prone to weight gain. When a person lack sleeps, the tendency is he will rely more on food for energy. If the cause of sleep is insomnia, this could be caused by magnesium deficiency. According to experts, people with low magnesium often experience restless sleep and if they do get to sleep, they always wake frequently during the night. Magnesium plays an important role in providing deep and restorative sleep by maintaining healthy levels of GABA, a neurotransmitter.

  • Vitamin D

You can get a healthy dose of Vitamin D from Mister Golden Sun. However, in this day and age, I rarely see people who go out just to bask in the health benefits brought by the sun. Most people prefer to stay indoors and enjoy the comfort of the air conditioning unit. What they do not know is that the sun is critical to building a healthy and strong immune system. Researchers have also noticed that obese people have lower than normal levels of Vitamin D. Although the role of Vitamin D in weight loss is still vague as of the moment, a study has already shown that overweight and obese adults taking calcium and Vitamin D supplements have lost significantly more stomach fat than people who are not taking Vitamin D supplements.

  • Fiber

Of course, how could fiber not be included in our list, am I right? When you are trying to lose weight, you are more prone to hunger because you are trying to create a caloric deficit in your body. Thus, you are more prone to eating or snacking mindlessly. The key is fiber. When you supplement your diet with fiber, it can help you quash those hunger pangs and eat less. When you do eat, fiber helps keep you feeling full for a longer period of time. Apart from these known benefits, fiber can also increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

  • Caffeine

Yes, caffeine is quite a common component in weight loss products. Why is that? Caffeine triggers the release of epinephrine, or more commonly known as adrenaline. Adrenaline encourages the break down of the stored fats in our bodies. While it is true that caffeine increases calorie-burning, it is not true that it causes dehydration. It can, however, cause elevations in your heart rate, and ultimately, blood pressure. That is why it is advised that children, pregnant women, or people with heart disease steer clear from taking it.

  • Green Tea

Green tea is neither a vitamin or mineral, but it has been creating quite a stir in the weight loss industry. It has been tested and proven that green tea increases energy expenditure and fat oxidation. It also reduces fat production and absorption. Green tea contains catechins, which is a powerful antioxidant.

Coming up with your own product can be challenging, but I hope that this list gives you an idea that is worth pursuing. I believe that more than the promise of profit, there is something far greater than that: to help people change their lives for the better. That’s why you have to make sure you only associate with the best private label manufacturer to produce the best vitamins for weight loss.

Let Earth’s Creation USA guide you in every step of the way. We are here to answer any and all questions you might have when it comes to living out the ideas you have in mind.

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How to Start Your Own Supplement Company

Posted on by Andi

Anybody can dream. I’m pretty sure almost all of us have dreamt that we can buy a pill that will magically get rid of all the fats we have acquired through mindless eating or the cure that will shield us from the flu, cough, or colds. I mean, who hasn’t dreamt of curing the world, am I right?

The closest I could get to making the dream of curing the world a reality is to help you, my dear readers, start your own supplement company. Starting your own supplement company is far from being a simple journey. So, today, I would like to share with you some tips on how to start your own supplement company.

  1. Know What You Want to Sell

The desire to start your own supplement company begins with a vision. That vision is inspired by the kind of supplement you want to produce. Not all the products you come up with will turn a huge profit, so it is important that you create a product that will add value to your customers’ lives and has an “obvious” market. What is an obvious market? This market involves, but are not limited to individuals who want to lose weight, gain muscles, improve their memory, and other issues that have a specific nutritional deficiency.

  1. Get to Know Your Customers

Once you know what you want to sell, it is important to get to know the people you want to sell to. Know their characteristics. Failing to do this may result in the failure of your business. To define your target market accurately, you can answer the following questions:

  • Who are my target customers? What characteristics do they share?
  • Why do they need my product? What are the needs that my product needs to meet for my target market to buy them?
  • Is my product capable of responding to these needs? What are the potential problems that we might encounter? Can we solve them?
  • Where do the customers in my target market shop? Online? Supermarkets? Can I sell my products in these places?

Other questions you can include to be more specific are as follows:

  • How do my customers get information about products? Through the internet, magazines, or other outlets?
  • Can I use these channels to get my product out there?

If you are not sure how to answer these questions, you can conduct surveys of FGDs (focus group discussions).

  1. Keep an Eye on the Competition

Not in a creepy way! You cannot succeed if you do not set yourself apart from the existing products. Having a good product is not enough if it’s just the same as your competitors’ products. You have to give your customers a good reason to give you a chance and pick you over the products they have tried before. So make sure you have something that they don’t. Find out the following characteristics of your competitor:

  • Price – How much are their products? Make note of overall prices, as well as the price per pill/ounce.
  • Target market – Who are their customers?
  • Marketing strategies – How do they reach out or keep in touch with their target customers?
  • Value claims – What do your competitor’s products say their product can do? What can it not do?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can already find ways to find your product’s edge and set your product apart.

  1. Go Get ‘Em (Customers)!

There is no wrong way to bring in customers, but it’s important to know that some methods are more effective than others. You have to focus more on those effective methods to save up on the costs and maximize profits. Some of the most popular marketing strategies supplement manufacturers utilize to bring in customers involve social media promotion, blogging, and pay-per-click advertising. You can utilize as many marketing tools as you want. That is the beauty of the internet nowadays. Try multiple marketing tools and see which one is the most effective.

  1. Create Your Supplement

Many entrepreneurs, not just the ones looking to create their supplement company, make that rookie mistake of creating their products first before conducting an in-depth study about the business they wish to pursue. This is not how it should be. Gather as much information as you can about your product, competition, and customers. Formulate your product with all these in mind.

  1. Build a Relationship with Your Supplement Manufacturer

Choosing a supplement manufacturer is not easy. On my previous post, I shared with you how to find the best private label manufacturer for you. If you are new to the business, then you might have a hard time to secure a trustworthy manufacturer, but always look at the manufacturer’s reputation, compliance, and affordability.

  1. Do More Marketing

Once the creation process has started, you want to create your product labels. This will be the first thing your customers will see, so make sure that the first impression will be remarkable. Your label will also be the face you show on social media and other marketing platforms. Make sure your labels stand out and will also create retention in your customers.

  1. Make It Legal!

Before you proceed any further, make sure that you make everything legal. File the papers you need to comply with the government’s requirements. You might want to consult with a business lawyer just to make sure that you do not miss anything and that all your bases are covered. This step is very crucial because this is for your own protection.

  1. Plan to Fulfill

When I say plan to fulfill, I mean look for the best ways how to distribute your products. Your manufacturer should be able to help you with this. But, know that you have other options to choose from. You have to weigh all of them carefully to be able to provide your products to the customers with the best possible service.

  1. Sell!

Now that you have done all the steps from 1 through 9, it is time to sell what you have worked hard for. Use all the methods you have: social media and product website. Be active and let your presence be known.

Establishing any kind of business is hard, but once it’s off the ground nothing beats that satisfaction of knowing you were able to make your dream come true.

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How to Find the Best Private Label Manufacturer

Posted on by Andi

Some people say that wanting to get into the health supplement business is very ambitious and expensive. I agree that it is ambitious. Yes, it will require capital. But, it is not impossible. You do not need to be a scientist to make this business plan a reality, but you have to find people who will make sure the health supplements you produce are of the highest quality and efficiency. Remember, the success of health supplement businesses rely greatly on how effective it will be to your customers. I have always personally felt that the best way to market products is through the word of mouth. Nothing ever beats recommendations from the people I know and trust to convince me to try out something.

Now, going back to establishing your own line or brand of health supplements. Not having a background knowledge or experience when it comes to producing health supplements should not stop you from making your ideas a reality. This is where private label manufacturers come in.

What Are Private Label Manufacturers?

Private label manufacturers are companies which offer their services to make your product ideas into a reality. Basically, private label manufacturers produce a product, but it is for sale under another company’s brand.

Have no knowledge when it comes to formulating, but you know what product you want and you know what your desired effects are? Private label manufacturers can formulate your product for you. This service is called product development. Private label manufacturers start this process by procuring high-quality materials and ingredients. They can help you cook it up. If you have complete product specifications, they can execute it for you. Their primary goal is to meet, and if possible, exceed your expectations consistently. It is also important to know that these private label manufacturers are not limited to just health supplements, some can also produce skin and hair products.

Private label manufacturers come up with samples that they send to you for testing. This is to make sure that your standards and requirements are met.

Another service private label manufacturers can do for you is packaging and labeling. You won’t have to worry about going through the hassle of transferring your products into tiny bottles and other packaging, because private label manufacturers can also do this for you.

A crucial aspect of health supplements is quality control. Private label manufacturers also provide quality control to make sure that every bottle or product that comes out of their facility is of the highest quality.

These turnkey services will definitely help you focus on other core business processes.

How to Find the Best Private Label Manufacturer?

  1. Check Out Marketplaces

When I say marketplaces, I mean online marketplaces. It is very easy and convenient to search for private label products in your chosen niche. Once you find the products you wish to sell on the online marketplace, you can get in touch with their supplier and inquire if they are open to doing business with you. This is the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to look for a private label manufacturer.

  1. Check Out Competition

Another proven and tested way before you start any kind of business is to check out your competition. Hit a store that carries the product you wish to sell. You have to know how they are doing in general, who their clients are, what kind of products they sell, where they sell it, etc. This way, you would have an idea how you want your products to look like, in what form they come, and other factors to consider. You can take note of your competition’s manufacturers. This is also an effective way to find a private label manufacturer since you are sure that they already have an existing product in place. You just have to make sure that your product has unique characteristics to have that edge.

  1. Check Out Online Resources and Forums

Have you ever heard of Reddit? It is an entertainment website and message board rolled into one only running on user-submitted content. I find this the most convenient and organized forums because topics are separated into specific boards, which you can follow or subscribe to. You can easily search for the threads that discuss private label manufacturers. Not only can you find private label manufacturers here, but also product ideas. Reddit is not the only online resource you can use. There are a lot of forums, online articles, and lists that provide the same, relevant information.

  1. Look No Further

Sometimes, we search far and wide when the answers are right in front of us. Try to find a supplier that is local to your geographic area. Working with a private label manufacturer near you will give you a lot of advantages. It will require face-to-face time and building relationships, which will only give you more assurance that they will do their best.

  1. When You Find “The One”…

Once you establish what hopefully will be a million-dollar product and find the right private label manufacturer for you, then you have to make sure that you use all your resources as they will definitely help the success of your business. For example, browse through your private label manufacturer’s website and see if they produce companion products that can go well with your product. For example, you want to sell a health supplement that burns fat, you may also want to sell a supplement that helps build muscle. This way, you can double up your profits real-quick!

Finding the best private label manufacturer is crucial to the success of your business. You want an organization you can trust to create and produce high-quality products consistently. You want to make sure that your target market will appreciate and trust your product to do what it claims it can do. Quality should be your top priority. Remember, your customers spend their hard-earned extra money in the hopes that the health supplements you produce will do good to their bodies and health. So, subject your private label manufacturers to a stringent screening process and thank me later.

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Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

Posted on by Earth's Creation USA

Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

The health supplement industry is thriving so it’s no surprise that there are thousands of manufacturers to choose from. The right supplement manufacturer will provide the best products for your needs, offering high-quality supplements made with the best ingredients.  If say, you are looking for nutritional supplement manufacturers for your brand or you’re simply on the hunt for the right product, what factors should you consider in a supplement manufacturer? Below is a guide to vetting the best supplement manufacturer for your business:

Quality Control

The quality of the product is always the first thing you need to check if you are looking for the best health supplement manufacturer. How the product is prepared and formulated says a lot about the manufacturer. When searching for a health supplement manufacturer, pay close attention to the authenticity and the level of quality of the product! Choose a manufacturer that’s committed to quality, one that handles products in a controlled environment.

The health supplement industry is strictly regulated but there are shady manufacturers to keep an eye out for. These health companies are either selling counterfeit products or hawking ineffective products with a watered-down formula. By law, nutritional supplement manufacturers have to adhere to the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standard. The FDA determines regulations for health supplements while third-party versions are administered through the NPA and NSF.


Can you trust your nutritional supplement manufacturer to produce a certain number of products? Can you rely on your supplement manufacturer to fill orders, provide multiple dosage formats in various packaging options and grow your product line? Does the manufacturer offer the best customer service? If your business or health is on the line, you need to choose a reliable supplement manufacturer, one that provides the highest level of customer service.

Some manufacturers don’t know when to say no even if they unable to complete a certain order. This is a no-no. The fact is, there are times when not getting what you want can save from you from future problems. The right supplement manufacturer should provide all the facts you need to know so you have an idea what to expect once production starts.

As an industry leader for over two decades, you can depend on Earth’s Creation USA to bring your concept or idea to life. Earth’s Creation USA puts the company’s comprehensive knowledge of the nutritional supplement marketplace to develop the best products for you and your customers.

Transparency and Trustworthiness

Some manufacturers have no trouble showing everything worth knowing about their business, others are not as forthcoming with their processes. Let’s face it, it’s hard to trust a company that’s doing whatever it can to withhold information about how products are made or how business is done.  Unfortunately, major manufacturers keep their processes secret. Smaller manufacturers, on the other hand, are more willing to let potential clients in on their processes.

It is understandable for some companies to withhold information about their business and there are times when you have no choice but to make some trade-offs. But if you value trustworthiness and transparency above all else, we highly recommend going for an independent manufacturer, one that can give you all the information you need for your peace of mind. Some companies are more than glad to outline all the actual suppliers they use for their ingredients. Others will provide more information on the flavor combinations they use during product development or the type of raw ingredients they use for the formula. Choose a company that’s an open book because trust is an important part of any long-term partnership.

Earth’s Creation USA has been in the business for over 25 years, developing and marketing premium quality nutritional supplements in the domestic and international marketplace. The company excels in providing private label supplements to a growing client base. This is the reason why Earth’s Creation USA is one of the most trusted nutritional supplement manufacturers in the business.


While most supplements, particularly those marketed as all-natural products, may seem safe at a glance, that’s not always the case. A quick search online will lead to a stream of safety advisories or sanctions issued against certain supplements. The FDA is also evaluating supplement companies with safety advisories and sanctions outlined on the agency’s official website. The agency has also listed some of the serious health effects of certain products and ingredients.

The fact is, nutritional supplement manufacturers are always releasing new or reformulated products. There are times when the said products are dangerous but there are no health advisories against them. To protect yourself and your consumers, choose a manufacturer that puts value on safety. Naturally, team up with a company that has a clean track record, one that hasn’t triggered any health warnings, sanctions, or recalls.

Earth’s Creation USA is not just the best source of quality health supplements in the country; the company is also developing safe products for you and your family. In fact, Earth’s Creation USA has yet to trigger any health warning or sanctions from the FDA.

Lab Testing

Some pills, even those labeled as medicinal herbs, may contain traces of fillers. In other cases, the supplements may contain allergens or substances that some people are sensitive to. Contamination, adding fillers, substitutions, some supplement companies are guilty of cutting corners. When choosing the best supplement company to team up with, opt for one that offers ingredients that have gone through lab testing. Some organizations inspect and certify supplement products and facilities and it’s worth checking back with these agencies to be on the safe side. and LabDoor are just two of the many different organizations that test dietary supplements randomly and publish their findings. However, the results are only accessible to paid members., in particular, has an archive of health warnings and recalls that spans a decade.

Finding the best nutritional supplement manufacturers is  easy as long as you know all the important factors you need to consider when searching for a company to team up with. As you can see, supplement makers are not created equally. Even well-known health supplement companies have a history of adopting questionable practices. As long as the manufacturer is willing to ease your mind with hard facts about their business process and they are developing safe, high-quality products that are proven effective, you may have found the right partner for your business.


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