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Liver Care

Several benefits have been attributed to the curcumin for a variety of health disorders, including liver disorders. Curcumin possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which are the molecular basis to use it in hepatic disorders.
In addition to the benefits of CurQlife in Joint&Cognitive health, curcumin- the active component of CurQlife has ability to inhibit several factors like nuclear factor-kappaB, which modulates several pro-inflammatory and profibrotic cytokines, an anti-inflammatory activity. Oxidative stress contributes to the initiation and progression of hepatic damage in a variety of liver disorders. Curcumin enhances the body’s natural antioxidant system, which increases glutathione levels, there by aiding in hepatic detoxification, a hepatoprotective anti-oxidant activity.

It’s important to keep the liver healthy and fully-functioning, since it handles so much responsibilities in the body. Taking LiverCare gives your body 3 fantastic ingredients that promote liver health and maintain liver function.*
In the formula for this product we also included Milk-thistle, a product derived from the Anamu components the hepatoprotective function achieving a combination that accurately manages to reduce the liver damage caused by different assaults, which involve liver damage often inevitable. This combination covers and reduces most of the inflammatory reactions with antioxidant effects and makes it appreciably helps in the prevention and improvement of lesions once established.

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