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Laminin® is a synergistic herbal formula to clean and enhance the immune system. For this formula,  we selected the most outstanding herbs, which includes studies conducted by many universities from around the world, showing their properties for immune defense. *





CAT’S CLAW BARK (Uncaria Tomentosa Willd dc.) Harvested from the wild in the rain forest of the Amazon in Peru. Cat’s Claw has obtained one of the fastest growing popularity of today’s market. This is due to the fact that Cat’s Claw has extraordinary anti-inflammatory and immunological effects over the tissues of the body. Excellent for Arthritis and prostate enlargement.*


SHARK CARTILAGE 100%  The tremendous popularity of Shark Cartilage is due to the Angiogenesis property of inhibiting the excessive capillary growths, reducing solid tumors in their pathologic process. Investigation made by many institutions from around the world, confirm the ability of SHARK CARTILAGE’S of inhibiting tumors growths. They recommend it worldwide to treat various types of Cancers and Arthritis.*


ANAMU ORGANIC. (Petiveria Alliacea) Anamu is very well known in Central and South America. Anamu was first studied by the University of Zulia In Venezuela, with Cancer patients, back then caused a great enthusiasm over the population. It has been commonly used to treat various types of Cancer. Study has shown that ANAMU stimulates the production of Interferon, which interferes with the proliferation of defective cells. Helping the body to get rid of waste. ANAMU is also an excellent remedy for women menstruation disorders.*


HORSETAIL GRASS.  An excellent diuretic and Kidneys cleaner. Horsetail Grass helps to eliminate the uric acid from the blood. It also helps to break Kidneys stones. Horsetail Grass is it mostly consumed by its high content in silica which it contributes largely to the absorption of calcium and the collagen.*


GOLDEN SEAL ROOT.  Golden seal has been called the natural antibiotic. THE Golden Seal is a powerful cleanser for infections of all type. (Don’t abuse of its use) The Golden Seal has obtained a great reputation between naturopaths and modern Doctors. It is recommended as a cleanser for all type of infections. Kidneys Prostate, Ovaries, Ears, Colds. The Golden Seal is so good as a cleanser that eliminates drugs from the blood in about 48 hours.*


JUNIPER BERRY.  An excellent cleanser and also a very powerful anti-oxidant. Juniper Berry is very useful to help sugar metabolism.*


POTASSIUM CITRATE.  Potassium is very useful when drinking lots of water and urination is increased, it will help to maintain electrolytes level, necessary for the heart mechanism.*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the United States FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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