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Glucosamine MSM + CurQlife¬ģ


Glucosamine is a key ingredient for cushioning joints & nourishing
cartilage. It is a natural component for cartilage,the connective tissue
that protects the bones in your joints and allows them to slide
easily over one another. Studies have shown that Glucosamine
supports joint health and flexibility.


MSM benefits overall joint health and normal range of motion to help keep
you active. It also has been shown to improve joint stress recovery time. MSM
also supports mobility and protection of healthy cartilage by acting as a cushion
between joints.


The entire story of CurQlife¬ģ is about how many curcuminoids are able to reach the blood. What makes CurQlife unique and superior is the manufacturing technology and components used to prepare it. Since curcuminoid powder is of low solubility, the powder is reformulated into a proprietary water dispersible liquid formulation by mixing curcuminoid powder with select food‚Äôgrade emulsification aids, namely polyethylene glycol 200 (PEG 200) and polysorbate 20.

Polysorbate 20 (Tween 20) acts as an emulsifier and improves the solubility of curcuminoids, which are very hydrophobic, by micellar solubilization.

PEG (Polyethylene glycol) reduces the interactions between the nanoparticles and enzymes of the digestive fluids and increases the uptake of the drug in the blood stream. PEG also improves the polydispersity index of the nanoparticles (Tobio et. al., Colloids Surf. B Biointerfaces 18, 2000, 315), (Owens et. al., Int. J. Pharm. 307, 2006, 93).

The ability of the PEG to protect the coated nanoparticles from metabolic enzymes gives the particles long circulation time. In human trials, CurQlife showed a 48-fold higher difference in free curcumin in the blood.CurQlife¬ģ is the next stage in joint care supplementation. The unique properties of CurQlife¬ģ allow for a 48-fold increase in Curcumin bioavailability into the body. By prioritizing bioavailabilty ‚Äď the amount of curcumin that will reach systematic circulation ‚Äď the body can utilize the curcuminoids for a wide range of applications, including:

Clinical Studies

 A third party study was conducted to ensure the quality of our new  product CurQLife.The test  included  males  and  females  from  the  age  of  40-75  with Osteoarthritis symptoms in  their  knees.  Subjects  who  met the inclusion and exclusion criteria  were  randomized into  the  study  in  1:1  ratio  in  CurQlife  L  (N=20)  and Placebo group (N=20). The study was designed for 60  days  and  consisted   of   six  visits including screening visit, visit 1 (baseline),  visit  2, visit  3, visit   4 and  visit  5.  Subjects   were   requested  to  take  one  capsule  of  CurQlife  L or  placebo twice daily after food. The following charts display the results from the study.

graph 3

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