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Need for supplementation with digestive enzymes

The processes of enzymatic digestion of food in the body may be impaired by several factors:

Stress due to sudden changes in food consumption patterns, exposure to environmental pollutants, vagaries
of the weather, extensive travel.

Somatic diseases that necessitate treatment with surgical procedures, antibiotics and immuno-suppressive

The sites of enzyme-production, such as the pancreas could also be damaged, by disease or injury, leading to
enzyme insufficiency.

Some individuals may suffer from an inherent lack of specific enzyme generation systems, due to genetic factors,
resulting in digestive and metabolic disorders

What is Digetox®5 

Digetox®5 is a multienzyme complex made up of 5 important enzymes to help with healthy digestion:

What are Probiotics?

Why Are Ours Superior?

Bacillus coagulans is the only spore-forming probiotic. Spore-forming gram-positive Bacteria including Bacillus coagulans form a spore, a temporary non-reproductive structure, which consists of the entire hereditary information enveloped by a resistant outer coating. Spores can survive without nutrients and they are extremely resistant to adverse factors, such a ultraviolet radiation , desiccation, high temperature, freezing and chemicals. Spores can survive for extended periods because of resistance.
They reactivate to the vegetative form when the environment is favorable.

Therefore, Digetox®5 :

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