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Bladder Care


What is it?


BladderCare¬ģ ¬†is ¬†a proprietary ¬†blend ¬†of ¬†special ¬†pumpkin ¬†seed extract and 40% soy germ ¬†isoflavones. The seeds of the medicinal pumpkin ¬†(Cucurbita pepo L.) ¬†have been used ¬†for ¬†centuries as a natural remedy for urination ¬†problems. ¬†BladderCare¬ģ is a water-soluble¬†pumpkin¬†seed special extract that contains ¬†the complete spectrum of polar and semi-polar ¬†constituents ¬†of ¬†the ¬†seed. ¬† Earth‚Äôs Creation¬†uses ¬†a ¬†proprietary HyperPure process ¬†that ensures ¬†highly selective removal ¬†of ¬†the ¬†fat-soluble components from the extract. Being virtually ¬†fat ¬†free, ¬† BladderCare¬ģ ¬†allows for increased stability and solubility and ¬†absence ¬† of ¬† rancidity .Soy ¬†isoflavones ¬†are ¬†a ¬†class ¬†of ¬†phytoestrogens, or ¬†plant estrogens, which are suggested to help balance hormone levels in the body. BladderCare¬ģ is a soy germ isoflavone extract containing a standardized amount of isoflavones, as well as ¬†other ¬†phytonutrients ¬†in soy that are ¬†associated with improved health. BladderCare¬ģ is also ¬†the¬† only patent protected ¬†soy ¬†germ ¬†isoflavone ¬†ingredient ¬†on the market for use in dietary supplements.


Who Does it Effect?


Overactive ¬†bladder ¬†affects ¬†millions Every 1 in 6 aging adults is affected by overactive bladder or urinary incontinence effecting their quality of life and confidence. While pumpkin seed has a centuries-old legacy as a natural remedy for urinary problems, BladderCare¬ģ is the first clinically proven formulation to target both the symptoms and the causes of incontinence and overactive bladder.




BladderCare¬ģ is a ¬†water-soluble ¬†pumpkin ¬†seed ¬†special ¬†extract ¬†produced ¬†through a proprietary BladderCare HyperPure process that ensures highly selective removal of the fat-soluble components. Being virtually fat free, BladderCare¬ģ allows for increased stability and ¬†solubility ¬†and ¬†absence ¬†of ¬†rancidity. BladderCare¬ģ ¬†is ¬†the only patent protected soy germ isoflavone ingredient on the market for use in dietary supplements.


Clinically shown to help:



Why should you take it?


Having to go to the bathroom frequently or leaking urine can interfere greatly with daily activities. Researchers have found that about one-third of individuals with the condition report feeling depressed or stressed.  In addition, frequent trips to the bathroom at night can decrease sleep quality for both the individual and their partner or caretakers.  Drugs that  treat  overactive  bladder  and  incontinence  are available; however, less than half of people  affected  would  consider  seeing  a  doctor about their problem. Therefore, natural supplements that can improve symptoms of overactive bladder and incontinence have the potential to significantly improve quality of life for individuals affected. While pumpkin seed has a centuries-old legacy as a natural remedy for urinary problems, Bladder Care is the first clinically proven formulation to target both the symptoms and the causes of incontinence and overactive bladder. Bladder Care is a proprietary blend of BladderCare special pumpkin seed extract and BladderCare soy germ isoflavones. This blend reflects the exact dosage used in 4 human studies shown to decrease frequency of urination at night and frequency of incontinence. Tackle the problem and embarrassment of an overactive bladder and take Bladder Care today. Comes in easy to swallow capsules.*


Overactive Bladder for Men


¬†1 out of every 8 men suffers from bladder leakage in their lifetime. With age men are more likely to experience leakage. ¬†Here at Earth‚Äôs Creation we recognize the inconvenience of an overactive bladder, and that is why we formulated BladderCare¬ģ. Live your life doing what you love, and do not worry about your overactive bladder anymore. End the embarrassment of always having to know where the nearest restroom is, and stop stressing about leakage.


Clinical Studies


Overactive bladder is a widespread condition, affecting about one in six adults over the age of 40. Overactive bladder is defined as having an urgent need to empty the bladder, more frequent urination during the day and night, and incontinence. Urinary incontinence, or the accidental leakage of urine affects 13 million Americans and occurs twice as often in women than men. Although incontinence occurs more often in older individuals, it
is not considered a normal part of the aging process.
The combination of special pumpkin seed extract and soy germ isoflavones has been shown to be effective in the treatment of urinary disorders associated with hormonal imbalances as demonstrated by pre-clinical in vivo research. In summary, clinical studies in men and women have found a reduction in the frequency of urination at night as well as during the day. Incontinence episodes in women were also shown to decrease and subjective improvement in symptoms of overactive bladder were reported. Greater than 60% of subjects reported improvements within two weeks of taking the supplement and more than 80% had improved after 6 weeks. The studies show high compliance and confirm the safety and tolerance of preparations with pumpkin seed extract and soy germ isoflavones.



     BladderCare  and was found to reduce urinary incontinence in women suffering from overactive bladder and stress incontinence. Researchers studied 50 women aged 35 to 84 with overactive bladder and stress urinary at two different clinics in Japan. The study involved a one-week observation period (pre-trial), followed by six weeks of supplement administration. During he test period, patients recorded the frequency of urination during the day and at night.They also recorded the number of incontinence episodes and rated their  satisfaction  with  the  treatment.  At  the  end  of   the  study it was shown that the episodes  of  incontinence  improved significantly. In particular, patients with the largest
number of incontinence episodes showed the greatest improvement.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the United States FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


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