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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum purchase?

Usually 1,000 bottles of a custom formula is required. Some formulations can be manufactured in as low a quantity as 500 units. Just call us with a description of your project, and we’ll gladly tell you if we’re able to provide you with less than 1,000 units.


Is there a difference in cost between capsules or tablets?

Pricing for capsules and tablets is about equal. Capsules are the most common formulation. With our experience we will inform you whether a capsule, tablet, or another formulation is best for the ingredients in your product.


What is the cost per bottle?

The formula and order size determines cost. Logically, the more ingredients or the more expensive the ingredients, the more the formula will cost. Of course if your order is of large volume we can discuss price breaks.


Can I provide my own artwork, and will this cost less?

You are welcome to supply us with whatever artwork you have. The cost for printing the labels, however, would be the same.


Can I have the labels printed on my own?

Absolutely! But you would have to forward us a proof so we can review it for FDA compliance. After we approve your label, you can send your printed labels to us and we will apply them at no extra cost when we package your order.


How can I be sure of the ingredients you are using?

We offers a Certificate of Analysis with each new order. This document reveals the exact contents of your supplements. You are also welcome to have any products we make tested by an independent testing laboratory. We guarantee that the testing results will match the Certificate of Analysis we provided you, within normal testing specifications.


Are the products FDA approved?

The FDA does not approve or disapprove of health supplements, because this governmental organization only oversees pharmaceutical products.


Will you ship my individual orders?

We do not ship or fulfill individual orders, however, after you become our customer, we can refer you to a competent fulfillment house.


What are the terms?

We require a 50% deposit to begin your order and the balance upon completion. These are industry-standard terms.


What is typical lead time?

Your first order will generally take four to six weeks to receive. Reorders are faster and take approximately three to four weeks to receive. We do, however, work on a rush basis quite often.


Other questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We pride ourselves on being customer service driven, to both potential and existing customers. 


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