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Why Are Liquid Supplements Better?

Posted on by Andi

Growing up, one of my least favorite things to do was to drink vitamins. Some of them were yummy, but some taste really awful. Eventually, I graduated to tablet vitamins. Chewable tablets, gummy vitamins, you name it I have tried it.

I understand that liquid vitamins are safer for children; it is easier to swallow. Capsules and tablets may still be a pill (No pun intended) to swallow for kids. But, as I was doing my weekly trip to the drug store, I noticed how adults have a wide range of choices when it comes to liquid supplements.

Many people are choosing to revert to the old-school ways of taking their vitamins. Personally, I do not have a preference. My only preference is if something works for me. If the supplement does me good and I notice better changes in my body, then I would definitely keep purchasing it. But today, I want to direct your attention to liquid supplements. Why it’s becoming popular among adults and why it might be better than tablet or capsule vitamins,

Liquid supplements are not that different from tablet and capsule supplements. They aid in making sure that our bodies get the optimum amount of nutrients that we need in order to function well and shun unwanted diseases.

Liquid supplements also come in the form of tablet and capsule vitamins. You have your single and multivitamins in liquid form. As we go through with this topic, I would like to share why liquid supplements are better than tablet and capsule vitamins.

Did you know that liquid supplements can have approximately 30,000 mg of nutrients? Compare this to a tablet or capsule vitamin which can only have 500 mg to 1,000 mg. So, if you do the math, a person would have to take 60 tablets or capsules to get the same amount liquid supplements can offer. Therefore, when you take liquid supplements there is a higher amount of active constituents.

Sounds fancy, right? But this only means that liquid supplements pack a powerful punch of potent and powerful nutrients which work hand in hand resulting in combined healthy benefits. These chemical combinations can be challenging to synthesize when they are manufactured as chewable tablets, capsules, gel capsules, or tablets.

When you take a vitamin or multivitamins, the first goal is for it t be broken down and used. Gel capsules and tablets have to be swallowed, digested and absorbed to be used by the body. That is why taking liquid supplements are much easier to process in the body rather than having to take different tablets or capsules. Liquid supplements are much more absorbable because it is already broken down.

Raise your hand if you like chewy or gummy vitamins! I do! Chewable vitamins are so much fun to take because they come in different flavors. The thing about chewable vitamins, though, is that it is not as good as liquid supplements when it comes to nutrition. Chewable or vitamin gummies can contain sugar, flavor enhancers, and artificial flavoring.

I can say the same for liquid supplements, but you can swallow it right away. Liquid supplements are best for children and adults alike. You can just take a few tablespoons of liquid supplements or mix it in your drink and you are good; unlike having to take tablets or capsules that can get stuck in your throat. You can choose to do this instead of swallowing multiple tablets or softgels.

When you take liquid supplements, its absorption rate is approximately 98%. Other vitamins need to be digested first before the nutrients are made available to be used. But even then, only a smaller percentage is absorbed when a person takes a tablet or capsule.

Liquid supplements have no casings or fillers, unlike tablets or capsules. They only have pure nutrients that are available to be used by the body right away when it enters the body. Ultimately, liquid supplements are utilized with perfectly blended and fresh, usable nutrients.

Liquid supplements exist for a reason. It is safer for kids or people of advanced age who can no longer swallow tablets and capsules. You automatically eliminate having to crush or divide the tablet for it to be easier to swallow. The dose is easier to control as well.

Something that people might immediately notice is the price of liquid supplements as they can be more expensive that tablet or capsule vitamins. However, I would like to point out that if you take tablets or capsules, you only get 10% to 20% of the nutrients you get from liquid supplements. So, people who use it certainly get their money’s worth. Not to mention that liquid supplements’ absorption rate and the speed of putting its nutrients at work is way faster and more efficient than that of vitamins in tablet r capsule form.

If you are looking to begin your own line of liquid supplement, then these are definitely some points you need to remember. Liquid supplements have many benefits and advantages if we compare them to the traditional vitamins.

If you want to know more about how to start your own line of liquid supplements, Earth’s Creation USA is more than ready to answer any question you might have in mind. We have a competent team of experts that will help you formulate and bring your ideas to life. We are here and more than ready to help you and your business take off and reach higher heights!

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