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What Are Green Supplements?

Posted on by Andi

I am definitely not the only one my mother forced to eat vegetables back when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure you guys were also slightly berated on the dining table. That is not without good reason. Vegetables and fruits do our bodies wonders!

Vegetables and fruits contain micronutrients our bodies need to keep the blood running through our veins and be healthy. They also have natural chemicals called phytonutrients that are not essential to living, but they help your body perform better and keep the unwanted diseases away. Two examples of phytonutrients are sulforaphane and anthocyanins. These two can be deemed as unsung heroes because they do us a lot of good but are not recognized and found on food labels. These “nonvital” nutrients are the reasons a well-formulated multivitamin will never replace a vegetable-rich diet.

Eating vegetables is always easier said than done. I personally know people who do not eat vegetables. That is why green supplements have taken up shelf space at your favorite supplements shop.

Green supplements’ increasing popularity is mainly because of its convenience. Many people are choosing to scoop their way to their five-a-day.

So, what are green supplements?

Basically, green supplements are vegetables that have been dried and blended into a powder that you can mix in your drink to obtain the nutrients you do not know you need. The vegetables and fruits used in green powders vary from brand to brand. The most common ingredients, though, are barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, kale, kelp, beets, pineapple, green tea extract, and ginseng. Some green supplements even have pre- and probiotics and digestive enzymes.

As convenient and beneficial as green supplements are, I have to warn you that it cannot be your main source of vegetable micronutrients. It is not formulated to meet our essential vitamin and mineral requirements. If you are a hard-training lifter or an athlete, you require an increased intake of zinc and magnesium. Green supplements may not be able to provide this. I strongly advise that you do not switch your multivitamins in exchange for green supplements.

Before you go on asking, “So, if I cannot rely on green supplements for multivitamins, why should I buy it?” I want you to know that green supplements and multivitamins are two very different things. Green supplements simply augment a diet that lacks fruits and vegetables. Consuming vegetables and fruits are known to reduce stroke, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high levels of blood cholesterol, cancers, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Nowadays, people find it easier to eat proteins than vegetables and fruits; not to mention, protein is also more palatable. This can result in low-grade acidosis. What is low-grade acidosis? This means that our body contains too much acid and our kidneys and lungs cannot keep our body’s pH balanced.

Green supplementation benefits our energy, recovery, antioxidant levels, and bone health. Greens are known to be alkaline thus helping in balancing dietary acids. When a person exercises regularly, it increases acid production in their body due to repeated muscle contractions. A person can speed up the recovery process by eating foods rich in alkaline; adding a little bit of protein won’t hurt too.

I’m sure you guys only want to put out the best kind of green supplements on the market, so I would like to share the best components that you would want in your product.

Green supplements are a great addition to our diet – but that is all they should be, an addition. Do not use green supplements as your main source of micronutrients found in vegetables and fruits. The real thing is still the best thing.

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