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Signs that Your Vitamins Will Not Work

Posted on by Andi

People invest in their health and spend extra of their hard earned money to improve the quality of their lives and health. However, the sad truth about the vitamins we consumers buy is that not all of them are created equal. Some of them might work, while some might not. Here are some telling signs that your vitamin is most likely not going to work.

  1. It prides more than 100% of the US recommended daily allowance

Do you think vitamin supplements packed with “more nutrients” is better? Think again. If the vitamin bottle you are holding right now says that it contains more than 100% of the US recommended daily allowance, put it down. That is because Vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are fat-soluble vitamins, are stored in the body, will accumulate and eventually cause our bodies harm. Accumulation of these vitamins has been linked to cancer. So, more nutrients is not good all the time.

  1. It’s all too good to be true

You should know that vitamins and other supplements are strictly prohibited to make claims that they can cure, prevent, or even diagnose any condition or disease. Although, that does not necessarily mean they can’t or won’t. If the claims of your vitamins are too good to be true, then chances are, it’s not true. Don’t waste your money and put it down.

  1. The seal of approval is missing

The United States has a lot of approving bodies when it comes to foods and drugs. The most common seals that should appear on your vitamins are “US Pharmacopeia Verified”, ConsumerLab Seal of Approval, or NSF (National Science Foundation) seal. If these seals are on the bottle of your vitamin or supplement, then you can rest assured that your money is not going to waste.

  1. Celebrities are for entertainment only

I know, I know, seeing Ryan Gosling drinking a certain vitamin or supplement is enough to send us rushing to the nearest drug store and buy what he’s taking, but Ryan Gosling does not know any better when it comes to the vitamin’s effectivity. More than his endorsement, you should look for the endorsement of a legitimate organization because they provide third-party testing and well-documented results that will show reliable results.

  1. The doses are insufficient

Earlier, I mentioned that too much of certain vitamins can be harmful to our health. On the other hand, some vitamins and minerals may contain little amounts to really make any difference in the body. That’s why it is important to always check with your vitamin manufacturer if they are sure that the vitamins they produce deliver the dose they claim.

  1. There are way too many fillers

So, the thing is, some vitamins use those artery-clogging hydrogenated fats and oils that we all avoid. It turns out, these fats and oils make as very cheap vitamin or supplement fillers. So, that immediately cancels out the nutrients that we are trying to get from the vitamins we take. There are some fillers that are so dangerous they can be compared to asbestos when it comes to composition – this is magnesium silicate. This can cause lung and stomach problems if you swallow or inhale it. If you see this in your vitamins, walk away from it as fast as you can.

  1. Your vitamins are too “pretty”

When I say pretty, I mean colorful. I know, they’re easy on the eyes. But the thing with “pretty” vitamins is that they use dyes to compensate for the loss of color from exposure to air, extreme temperatures, light, moisture, and other conditions, or sometimes, just to make the vitamin look pretty. But you have to remember that some dyes are dangerous.

  1. They’re expired

I mean… duh! Of course! Does this really need to be mentioned? But all kidding aside, an expired vitamin is not that harmful. However, vitamin manufacturers set an expiration date to make sure that it will remain potent throughout the good-to-consume date.

  1. You don’t need it

The thing about vitamins is you don’t need all of them! Some people need a certain vitamin for some health reasons, but the truth is, some do not. A sure way to know which vitamin you need is through getting a blood test. Your physician can measure the levels of key nutrients you need in your blood so you can specifically determine which nutrient you lack.

  1. It’s a gummy

Sorry, folks, but you are not alone in the disappointment. The truth is, and independent testing conducted by ConsumerLab has revealed that some gummy supplements do not have their listed vitamins or minerals and even have some fillers like sugar.

As consumers, it is our responsibility to make sure that we hold our vitamin manufacturers accountable. That’s why it is important to only go with a trusted vitamin manufacturer. Our health is our most important wealth.

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