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Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

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Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

The health supplement industry is thriving so it’s no surprise that there are thousands of manufacturers to choose from. The right supplement manufacturer will provide the best products for your needs, offering high-quality supplements made with the best ingredients.  If say, you are looking for nutritional supplement manufacturers for your brand or you’re simply on the hunt for the right product, what factors should you consider in a supplement manufacturer? Below is a guide to vetting the best supplement manufacturer for your business:

Quality Control

The quality of the product is always the first thing you need to check if you are looking for the best health supplement manufacturer. How the product is prepared and formulated says a lot about the manufacturer. When searching for a health supplement manufacturer, pay close attention to the authenticity and the level of quality of the product! Choose a manufacturer that’s committed to quality, one that handles products in a controlled environment.

The health supplement industry is strictly regulated but there are shady manufacturers to keep an eye out for. These health companies are either selling counterfeit products or hawking ineffective products with a watered-down formula. By law, nutritional supplement manufacturers have to adhere to the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standard. The FDA determines regulations for health supplements while third-party versions are administered through the NPA and NSF.


Can you trust your nutritional supplement manufacturer to produce a certain number of products? Can you rely on your supplement manufacturer to fill orders, provide multiple dosage formats in various packaging options and grow your product line? Does the manufacturer offer the best customer service? If your business or health is on the line, you need to choose a reliable supplement manufacturer, one that provides the highest level of customer service.

Some manufacturers don’t know when to say no even if they unable to complete a certain order. This is a no-no. The fact is, there are times when not getting what you want can save from you from future problems. The right supplement manufacturer should provide all the facts you need to know so you have an idea what to expect once production starts.

As an industry leader for over two decades, you can depend on Earth’s Creation USA to bring your concept or idea to life. Earth’s Creation USA puts the company’s comprehensive knowledge of the nutritional supplement marketplace to develop the best products for you and your customers.

Transparency and Trustworthiness

Some manufacturers have no trouble showing everything worth knowing about their business, others are not as forthcoming with their processes. Let’s face it, it’s hard to trust a company that’s doing whatever it can to withhold information about how products are made or how business is done.  Unfortunately, major manufacturers keep their processes secret. Smaller manufacturers, on the other hand, are more willing to let potential clients in on their processes.

It is understandable for some companies to withhold information about their business and there are times when you have no choice but to make some trade-offs. But if you value trustworthiness and transparency above all else, we highly recommend going for an independent manufacturer, one that can give you all the information you need for your peace of mind. Some companies are more than glad to outline all the actual suppliers they use for their ingredients. Others will provide more information on the flavor combinations they use during product development or the type of raw ingredients they use for the formula. Choose a company that’s an open book because trust is an important part of any long-term partnership.

Earth’s Creation USA has been in the business for over 25 years, developing and marketing premium quality nutritional supplements in the domestic and international marketplace. The company excels in providing private label supplements to a growing client base. This is the reason why Earth’s Creation USA is one of the most trusted nutritional supplement manufacturers in the business.


While most supplements, particularly those marketed as all-natural products, may seem safe at a glance, that’s not always the case. A quick search online will lead to a stream of safety advisories or sanctions issued against certain supplements. The FDA is also evaluating supplement companies with safety advisories and sanctions outlined on the agency’s official website. The agency has also listed some of the serious health effects of certain products and ingredients.

The fact is, nutritional supplement manufacturers are always releasing new or reformulated products. There are times when the said products are dangerous but there are no health advisories against them. To protect yourself and your consumers, choose a manufacturer that puts value on safety. Naturally, team up with a company that has a clean track record, one that hasn’t triggered any health warnings, sanctions, or recalls.

Earth’s Creation USA is not just the best source of quality health supplements in the country; the company is also developing safe products for you and your family. In fact, Earth’s Creation USA has yet to trigger any health warning or sanctions from the FDA.

Lab Testing

Some pills, even those labeled as medicinal herbs, may contain traces of fillers. In other cases, the supplements may contain allergens or substances that some people are sensitive to. Contamination, adding fillers, substitutions, some supplement companies are guilty of cutting corners. When choosing the best supplement company to team up with, opt for one that offers ingredients that have gone through lab testing. Some organizations inspect and certify supplement products and facilities and it’s worth checking back with these agencies to be on the safe side. and LabDoor are just two of the many different organizations that test dietary supplements randomly and publish their findings. However, the results are only accessible to paid members., in particular, has an archive of health warnings and recalls that spans a decade.

Finding the best nutritional supplement manufacturers is  easy as long as you know all the important factors you need to consider when searching for a company to team up with. As you can see, supplement makers are not created equally. Even well-known health supplement companies have a history of adopting questionable practices. As long as the manufacturer is willing to ease your mind with hard facts about their business process and they are developing safe, high-quality products that are proven effective, you may have found the right partner for your business.


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