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Best Questions to Ask Your Supplement Manufacturer Before You Hire Them Part 2

Posted on by Andi

Last week, I shared some crucial questions you can raise to your supplement manufacturer before you decide to work with them. These questions will help you determine their credibility, the company’s current status, and the quality of the products they produce. The answers to these questions will help you check off an item on your to-do list. Starting a business can be a very stressful and exciting adventure, that’s why you always have to remember that knowledge is the power that will help you succeed.

Before we proceed with the second list of the best questions to ask your supplement manufacturer, I would like to give you a quick recap of the first part:

Now that we have reviewed the first part of the list, let’s turn our attention to the second part.

Part of producing high-quality supplements is the ingredients. It is important to know what kind of ingredients are used in your product and where they come from. A common misconception in supplement manufacturing is that it does not matter how much of a certain ingredient is used, how it is packaged, and what is packaged as long as it is present in the supplement. Let’s take Vitamin C as an example. Ascorbic acid is very common in supplements, but two manufacturers can use two different kinds of ascorbic acid – one can use a variation with 90% ascorbic acid and 10% corn starch and lactose while the other one can use 100% ascorbic acid. Apart from knowing what kind of ingredient is used, you should also learn to ask where they are sourced from.

Depending on your location and state, permits and licenses to operate a supplement manufacturing facility can vary. As a soon-to-be business owner, you should know the different business permits and licenses that your business should have. Your supplement manufacturer, both their business and manufacturing facility, should have all the necessary credentials. If they fall short of this requirement, then it is my duty to tell you that you should not consider bringing your business to them. Remember, your supplement manufacturer is your business partner.

Another huge responsibility in selling health supplements is labeling. If you are getting into the business, labeling is a serious part of the business. Labeling is a huge responsibility because this is the way you let your customers know what they are going to ingest. Your supplement manufacturer will surely have a deeper knowledge on how to create your product’s label.

You should ask if their structure and function claim is reliable. What is “structure and function”? The structure is all about the ingredients that are used in the supplement and its corresponding amount. The function is the health benefits that should be enjoyed once the customers start taking the supplement regularly.

By keeping it clean, I mean will your supplement manufacturer try their best to avoid excipients? Excipients are inert substances or fillers that serve as “vehicles” for active ingredients. As your supplement manufacturer’s customer, you have the right to ask them not to use excipients.

I have noticed that people prefer “cleaner” products. They tend to steer clear of products that have unfamiliar names to them. Common excipients used in health supplements are stearic acid, silica, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, titanium, and cellulose. This is natural and expected because nobody wants to take something they do not recognize.

This may seem over the top or insignificant for you, but if you want to be a thorough business person, then you should know everything about your supplement manufacturer down to the smallest detail.

Why does knowing the cleaning agent used in the manufacturing facility important? Because you want to minimize the possibility of receiving complaints from customers who are prone to allergies. If you want to keep your products “clean”, then your supplement manufacturer’s cleaning agents should be natural as well.

What is drop-shipping? Drop shipping is shipping the customer’s products directly to them. Once you decide to partner up with a supplement manufacturer, you can coordinate the orders you receive with them and they will ship it directly to the customer. This is how drop-shipping works. If your supplement manufacturer can do this, then this will be of great help. It’s not a staple service, so not everyone will offer it and this service will definitely cost you more.


When looking for the best supplement manufacturer, always remember that asking questions is crucial. You have to place them under a microscope for you to know who you are dealing with. The more you know about your supplement manufacturer, the more you will be able to make an educated decision which will lead to the success of your business.

If you are still looking for the best supplement manufacturer, possessing all the required permits, licenses, and certifications, then Earth’s Creation USA is for you. Feel free to contact us anytime you want here.

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